Esther: Week 8

March 15, 2009

This is the link for Session 7.

When you click on the link “Session 7” (above) it will open a new window with the download instructions. Click on “WMV” (to the left of the question mark) to launch the video. This video download is only available for members of this Bible Study. To participate, you will need the Member book.

Our next meeting will be at 6:30pm on 3/16 at Barbara Alvarez’s house. Contact Barbara if you need directions to her home.

Please post your comments/thoughts about this week’s video, the study material or on the book of Esther. This forum provides a way for us to share our ideas and opinions as we move through, and are moved by, our studies.

Links to previous sessions:

Esther: Week 1 (Introduction video)

Esther: Week 2 (Session 1 video)

Esther: Week 3 (Session 2 video)

Esther: Week 4 (Session 3 video)

Esther: Week 5 (Session 4 video)

Esther: Week 6 (Session 5 video)

Esther: Week 7 (Session 6 video)

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