Finding Favor with the King: Week 7

March 3, 2009

Chapters 11 & 12



            As we move into the Lenten season, empower us with new resolve to face the challenges that life presents.  Give us the strength to complete that victory for which we are destined.  Guide us to discover the talents and passions that will bring us closer to You and allow us to better serve you.





          Hopefully, as you know already, we decided to walk the Stations of the Cross on Ash Wednesday and discuss the last two chapters of the Tenney book before the Lenten Service.  As we began to move from station to station, however, we focused more on the Bible verses at each station.  One of the study questions for Chapter 11  asked if we had ever felt that it was the wrong time to try to ask God for something which, as I reflect on our activity, seems to coincide with what we were actually doing.  Wednesday wasn’t the time to reflect solely on Esther’s struggle or our own; it was a time to reflect on Jesus’ struggle and the struggle his disciples (our Christian forefathers) were experiencing at the time.  We may pray to God to help us during these troubling times, but imagine the troubles our Lord was facing.  Our problems, even Esther’s problems, seem almost mundane compared to His.  He knew what He had to face for us and willingly gave Himself for us, for our sins.  Imagine how it must have felt for the ones who professed to love Him the most, even after being told they would, as they took Him for granted, denied Him, betrayed Him.  Talk about confusing times and circumstances!  Imagine actually being in His presence and not realizing the true importance until after He was crucified and rose again.  And finally, imagine what the disciples were willing to do afterward to complete the victory, what they were willing to sacrifice for Him.

            As you struggle with your day-to-day problems and circumstances, try to remember what Jesus and His disciples experienced in the days and moments before His crucifixion.  As we try to walk in their shoes for even a moment, I think it will make our own problems seem much more manageable.  His sacrifice meant our salvation.  With His strength, we can do everything else and find His favor.

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